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2D Design |
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office hours: by appointment only |
room sg224 / ac600 


(Dates and projects are subject to change)

n WEEK 01 ________________________________________________

Aug 29.


Supplies, Books, Due dates, Online communication,…
In-class projects, Assignments, written exams, Final 
Review Syllabus, Office hours, Presentation, 

Aug 31.

Finalizing guidlines and syllabus 

Basic Elements, Point, Line 
In class contour drawing
In class sketch and line practice

In Class project : [Line]

n WEEK 02 ________________________________________________

Sep 05.


Sep 07.

Review on Line In-class projects 
First week sketches transfered.

Continue - Basic Elements
Introducing Assignment#1:

n WEEK 03 ________________________________________________

Sep 12.

Due today  Assignment #1: Line

Continue Basic Elements: Shape, Texture
In class project: Sci-Fi Shapes [Shape]
Introducing Assignment #2: [Shape]

Sep 14.

Quiz #1 (P1-P28)

Continue Shape assignment:
choosing shapes
sketch the assignment composition
Assignment #1 is due on Monday 19th.

n WEEK 04 ________________________________________________

Sep 19.

Due today  Assignment #2: Shape

Quiz #1 Result
Assignment #1 Result

Continue Basic Elements: Value


In class project: Value  [Value Page1  Page2]

Introducing Term Paper [Paper] [Format]

Sep 21.

Due today  In-class project: Value
Presentation Reminder

What is critique?
[4 Steps]

Introducing Assignment #3: [Value]

n WEEK 05 ________________________________________________

Sep 26.

Presentation: David Diaz (Milton Glaser)

Initial Due today  Assignment #3: Value
Studio Day - Have your supplies in hand!

Sep 28.

Introduction Color and Color Theory
In-Class Project color mixing 
Color Triangle [template


n WEEK 06 ________________________________________________

Oct 3.

Due today  Color triangle (9 colors)
Color (Additive/Subtractive)
12 step Color Wheel

Introducing Assignment #4: [Color Wheel]
Due on Monday Oct 10

Color Demonstration by Daniela 


Oct 5.

Continue on Color

    Harmony and Disharmony
        Split complementary
        Chromatic grays and Earth colors

Composing with Color

Studio Day -
Bring your idea for color wheel (on paper)

n WEEK 07 ________________________________________________

Oct 10.

on by Keyana Jefferson (subject? - Not prepared)
Due today at the beginning:  Assignment #4 Color Wheel

Principles of 2D Design   
          Unity / Variety    

          Proportion / Scale     

Introducing Assignment #5: [Color Value]
Needed elements for upcoming assignment [Four Season]

Term Paper due date: December 5th. 2pm 
You will email 
your paper in PDF format.


Oct 12.

Due today at the beginning: Assignment #5  Part1/32 Color

Principles of 2D Design   
          Unity / Variety    

          Proportion / Scale     

Introducing Assignment #6: [Four Season]
Compositional Sketches on Four Season 

n WEEK 08 ________________________________________________

Oct 17.

Presentation by Quynh and Danny (Subject?)
Due today at the beginning: Assignment #5
Initial sketches on Four season / 8 sketches 3x4

Oct 19.

Presentation by Zhan xiang wang (Subject?)
Quiz #2 (P38-P88)
Finalizing Four Season ideas (1 or 2) full size.

The Illusion of Space
In-class Project: Handouts

n WEEK 09 ________________________________________________

Oct 24.
on by Carrie (Subject: Street Photography)

Initial Due today at the beginning: Assignment #6
at least 2 frames in color

Continue on Perspective packet  

Introducing Assignment #7: Perspective

Oct 26.

Due today at the beginning: Assignment #6
Finishing perpective packet/Starting Assignment #7

n WEEK 10 ________________________________________________

Oct 31.


on by Sable Holt ( Subject: Pop Art)

Continue on The Illusion of Space

The Illusion of Motion

Due date on Perspective packet.
Trying new techinic on 2 point perspective!

Nov 02.
Presentation by Brenda Lugo ( Subject: Banksy)

Due today Assignment #7 (City 2 point Perspective on Bristol)

Introducing Assignment #8: [Collage]

[Pattern Sample] You will create your own pattern or texture.

2 developed sketches in 1:1 scale for Nov. 7 

n WEEK 11 ________________________________________________

Nov 07.

Presentation by Alexia ( Subject: Vladimir Kush)

Presentation by Nelson ( Subject: Art Therapy/Bid Jewelry)

Due today 2 developed skectes on Assignment #8
Be prepared to work. Cut and collage

Nov 09.

Presentation by Anne ( Subject: ?)

Due today Assignment #8 [Collage]
Critical Thinking 

Introducing Assignment #9: [Malevich]


The Black Square
, 1915, oil on linen, 79.5 x 79.5 cm

n WEEK 12 ________________________________________________

Nov 14.

Presentation by Jaime (Subject: Bruce Timm's Batman:The Animated Series)
Presentation by Kyle (Subject: ?)

Studio day - Finalizing Assignment #9

Nov 16.

Presentation by Robyn

Introducing Assignment #10 - Last Project
[Trait Box] (Part 1 and Part 2)

n WEEK 13 ________________________________________________

Nov 21.

Presentation by Tatiana (Subject: ?)
Presentation by Zizheng (Subject: ?)

Due today: research sheet on Trait Box, 1 page, typed

5 sketches on final assignment part 1  before class
1 sketch will be made according to your list, previous sketches and final idea

By the end of class we must have 1 of your 6 sketches ready to
develop to be executed on Bristol and Final box


Nov 23.

Studio day -
work in progress Assignment 10, part 1, bristol sheet. 

n WEEK 14 ________________________________________________

Nov 28.

Due Today: Assignment 10, Part1, Final version 

Studio day -  
Starting to work on box by transfering your design.

Nov 30.

Work in progress on Box.

Review/Getting prepared for Final exam on Dec 12.

n WEEK 15 ________________________________________________

Dec 05.
Due Today: Term Paper by 2pm. 
You will email 
your paper in PDF format.

No Official meeting.

Dec 07.
Final Assignment you will deliver your finished box.
Any Late assignments or any redo.

Crit and Last talk. Good bye!

n WEEK 16 ________________________________________________

Dec 12.

Final Exam. 3PM. 

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