(Dates and projects are subject to change)



WEEK 01 _Jan  21_______________________________________________






-- "I bought a 4K TV!"

-- Photoshop vs Illustrator

-- Raster vs Vector

-- Quality and Resolution





-- Around Photoshop

-- Around Illustrator

-- Documents/Imports and Outputs


Let's make some lines. (or paths?)

Download [Ch1] file.


Project 1


Take a good/straight/frontal photo of your building (home, house, dorm, ...).

Draw your house in Illustrator.

Keep your lines straight. No curves.

Use only flat/solid colors. No gradients or textures.


In Illustrator save your .ai file.

In Photoshop place your drawing AND the real photo in a letter size document/portrait/print quality/1" margin/


You will upload 2 files to your canvas BEFORE next class on Tuesday.


Lastname_Project1_Final_ MMDDYY.jpg


Value (Dark / Medium / Light)




WEEK 02 _Jan 28_______________________________________________





Image Quality

Size vs Resolution


Curves and paths

Tracing shapes.


Download [Ch2] file.

First we work on the tracing_template file.

Then finish the shapes file and upload to Canvas before leaving the class.



Via Google search image find a good quality image of a sea creature!

Trace and create digital version of your creature (with strokes and fills) while you are minimizing the details.

Add some background using pen tool behind the creature in different layers.


Place your final result + actual photo in a single document, letter size, 300dpi, 1" margin

You will upload 2 below files to the Canvas. (Pay attention to the formats and artboard)



Due Date: Before our class time on Thursday.






Relativity of visual elements


You will take 6 photos with different contrast. (Follow the instruction)


WEEK 03 _Feb 04_______________________________________________





Due today: 6 photos / upload to Canvas.




Tracing a figure


Download template for value exercise [here]

Download and print the template for value exercise [here] home




Return your black and white orange on paper




Shape/Value with Color

Windy Northridge  [Here]

Edit path, Text on path, Adjust values in color




Pathfinder [Here]



Shape and Composition, Balance

Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical




WEEK 04 _Feb 11_______________________________________________




Continue on Shape/Compositions/Balance


Download template ch.8 [Here]

Download template ch.9 [Here]





Color / Color Theory

Paint vs Light

Contrast (low/hight)

Area contrast vs Background Contrast


Working file ch.10 [Here]

Working file Flower [Here]




WEEK 05 _Feb 18_______________________________________________




Contrast and Depth

Atmospheric Perspective


Download working file ch.12 [Here]






Value vs. Intensity



Contrast by Values

Contrast by Intensity


Working file ch.14 [Here]

Working file ch.15 [Here]


Download the Boat file [Here]

- Set Boat in Good Contrast

- Set BG in Low Contrast Light Value


Download the Infographic [Here]

Adjust the contrast for the various layers to create separation. This time, clarity is more important than depth. Make sure that the anatomy image stands out but do not clip lights or darks. It should have good contrast. The panel with 82% should have the most emphasis. SKY and SYSTEM STATUS should be legible but do not need to stand out. Balance darks and lights.


Download the VideoGame sketch [Here]

Adjust the contrast for the various layers to create separation and depth. The adjustment layers have been created and linked for you. The dragon character should have good contrast. Make sure that the ball at the side of his mouth does not turn solid white; it actually has shades of gray. The background should have low contrast light values. Make the adjustments visible enough to create separation but do not make the adjustments so dramatic that the image becomes disunified.


Due by the end of class: Boat, Infographic, Videogame

Due before next class: Chapter 15, Ex. A,B,C,D.




WEEK 06 _Feb 25_______________________________________________




Working file ch.16 [Here]






Edges / Movable Edges

Compositions with circles



Ch.18 and Ch.19 due: By the end of class.

Ch.20 due: Before class on next Tuesday Oct. 9th.


Adobe Color [Link]


Working file ch.20 [Here]


Using Illustrator, create 4 different compositions / letter size / preferably in landscape orientation



For your 4 compositions consider:

1. Color theme

2. If the three circles are arranged in a triangle you will have a dead zone of white space in the middle.

3. All of the composition must be addressed. This does not mean everything has to be filled up. You should not be able to cut off part of the page without ruining the composition.

4. Color theme

5. Make sure there’s negative space. Consider symmetrical or non-symmetrical.

6. Avoid geometric and hierarchical arrangements. Rhythm means that things are not arranged geometrically and sequentially. That’s also the reason for the different sizes.

7. If two shapes overlap or are close together they read as one - proximity.

8. Color theme

9. This is an exercise of determining size and placement.

10. Reinforce from earlier: Don’t be afraid of going off the edge. Don’t stick images in corners.

11. Color theme


WEEK 07 _Mar 04_______________________________________________















WEEK 08 _Mar 11_______________________________________________




Complementary Color

Working file ch.16 [Here]




Working file Rhythm [Here]



Due before Thursday:

Upload to canvas > You will take 6 photos (horizontal) to emphasis complementary color by including at least 2 objects.

Consider your composition (balanced? symmetrical asymmetrical? ...) and rhythm in your frame.


Make sure you will have your sketchbook and pencil for Thursday.






Geometric Character [.] [Here]

Pathfinder [Here]


During the class: Sketch your 3 characters > Document your sketch > Upload to the canvas > Get approval

Iteration > Iteration > Iteration

Digitize and develop in 2 different style your approved character during the spring break!


WEEK 09 _Mar 18_______________________________________________









WEEK 10 _Mar 25_______________________________________________




Upload 2 different style of your approved character to the canvas.





Due before class: Page1 (out of 3 pages) character design contains all development steps.



Working on color schemes for the character / color themes



WEEK 11 _Apr 01_______________________________________________









Due today before class:

Geometric Character in 3 pages, PDF format.


Ch.20 Phone case | Sticker

Due: JPG file by the end of class. Use provided template. [here]


Ch.21 Composition | Page | Text


Typeface | Font  | Type classifications

Create 4 composition according to required specification.

Typefaces allowed to use: Bodoni, Futura

Upload 2 compositions (out of 4) by the end of class.

Upload other 2 composition before next class.



WEEK 12 _Apr 08_______________________________________________




Due before class: 2 remaining compositions from Ch.21



Ch.22 | In-class:

Create an atmospheric scene using at least 6 layers.

Consider natural scene OR urban scene.

Be playful with each line/layer and create positive-negative space.

Document size: 1500px x 1000px

Save as JPG. (select artboard, maximum quality, 300dpi)

Upload to your canvas.


Start in class, Upload before next class:

Ch.22 Extra assets to create atmospheric perspective in a game environment. [Here]

Document size: 1500px x 1000px

Edit the asset according to your need.

Use overlap.

Emphasize your character and maintain overall unity.

Use different values to create good contrast.

Your environment must appear as logical according to your character; underwater? sky? ground?...

Save as JPG. (select artboard, maximum quality, 300dpi)







Did you upload your character in game environment?




Histogram | Crushed |Clipped | Non-destructive adjustment |

CH.23 [Working files]

Upload by the end of class.

1 jpg file from Photoshop with 6 rows 1800px x 5400px:


  • 1st row: face original, face adjusted
  • 2nd row: fish original, fish adjusted
  • 3rd row: flower original, flower adjusted
  • 4th row: Plants original, plants adjusted
  • 5th row: room original, room adjusted cool
  • 6th row: room original, room adjusted warm




For weekend:

Take a series of photos (ALL HORIZONTAL)

Select 2  of them and create 4 variations for each.

Place 4 editions and the original photo in order in 1 document 1000px x 5000 px, save as JPG.

You will upload 2 JPG to canvas before next class.








WEEK 13 _Apr 15_______________________________________________




Hard light vs. Soft light


Camera angles - Shot types [Here]


Lines in Photography



Photos List - (16 total):


  • 2 photos hard light
  • 2 photos soft light
  • 2 photos hard+soft light (Soft for background, Hard over foreground)


  • 2 photos low angle + hard light
  • 2 photos high angle + hard light


  • 2 photos framing with straight lines - flat (no perspective)
  • 2 photos framing with straight lines - in perspective


  • 2 photos framing with non-straight lines (black/white)



All must be:


In focus


In color - but the last 2 photos.






Did you upload your 16 photos?


Composite images in a good shape.

Ch. 26 In-class practice. Upload the result to the Canvas.
Download working files [Here]


Creating shape with transitional edge.
Creating lattice.



Ch. 27 Create your composite image by following the instruction.
You will upload 3 separate files.


Due: Before next class on Tuesday.




WEEK 14 _Apr 22_______________________________________________




Refine your composite image.


  • Follow a clear idea. What is your message?
  • Do not scatter elements with no connection.
  • Look at the general composition. Is it balanced? Is it symmetrical? Asymmetrical?
  • What is your color scheme?


Share your PSD file [Here]


Upload your final result to the canvas by the end of class.



Ch.28 | Sticker | T-shirt as frame.

Follow the instruction on Canvas.
Due: Before next class on Thursday.





Ch29. Disjunctive space.

Follow the canvas instruction to create 2 design in the first half of class time.



Ch30. Multiple Depth Cues - 1 point perspective


Download working files [Here]

We finish 2 In-Class files by the end of class.



WEEK 15 _Apr 29_______________________________________________





2 point Perspective in Illustrator.



Create a design with at least 11 cubes in 2 point perspective, legal size/horizontal document in Illustrator.

Choose your favorite color in a monochromatic scheme and color your design logically.

You will pay attention to arrangement of the layers and atmospheric perspective.


HM: Create a word or an acronym in a 2 point perspective by using all 3 plates (Left, right, and horizontal)

Use shade to define depth and dimension.

Pay attention to layer arrangements and overlap areas.






Good Shape | Poster

Ch30- Good shape

Ch31- Composition, Poster

Ch32- Line


In-class working files [Here]

Upload your DISCOVER poster to the canvas by the end of class.



Homework working files [Here]




WEEK 16 _May 06_______________________________________________





Prepare, design your portfolio.


Portfolio requirement






Amazing Northridge working files [Here]


Final Portfolio Brief [Here]

CSUN Logo for your Portfolio Cover in 3 color [Here]

Helpful Snippets for your Portfolio [Here]


Check your grade and submissions status.






Assistance will be provided to students who need help to finish, redo, resubmit any of missing

projects or they want to develop their ideas.





WEEK 17 _May 13__FINAL_________________________________________






Final portfolio Due before 10:15am.

Upload your portfolio in PDF format to Canvas.


Exam starts at 10:15am.










Keep a color wheel handy!


Pen Tool is your friend!










ART 140