(Dates and projects are subject to change)



WEEK 01 _August 27_______________________________________________






Supplies, Books, Due dates, Online communication,

In-class practices, Assignments/Projects, written exams, Presentation, Final, ...

Review Syllabus, Office hours, Presentation date, ...



Review on Basic Elements of 2D Design:

Point, Line, Shape, Texture, Value, Color, …


Review on 2D Design Principles:

Unity, Balance, Rhythm, ...


Hand Warming practice [Brief]


Next Due: Hand-warming Practice by Saturday 11:59pm

Format: LastName_Art223A_FA18_HandwarmingV1_MMDDYY.jpg



In-Class [Exercise]

Introducing Binder Project [Brief]

Presentation - Reading chapters [Brief]




WEEK 02 _Sep 03_______________________________________________


Labor Day - Campus Closed





WEEK 03 _Sep 10_______________________________________________




Online questionnaire >> [Here]

Presentation (?)

Hand-warming exercise review


Type? Why?

History (short vimeo)





Due today:

4 Initial sketches on Exercise 1 - Select 2 to develop in digital format


Continue on History/Categories/Anatomy


Introducing Project 0: [Modular Alphabet]

Prj 0 due date: Sep 17th. (Character sets / Upper OR Lower)

Illustrator 11"x17"/ Landscape / 150dpi / 0.5" margin

Use your design in 2 different words as example


Read: Type Anatomy

Visit: Modulartype on tumblr

Try: Icon Generator , xiconeditor , rw-designer



Upload 1 (or 2) photo(s) for your modular geometry typeface that you made in class.

By the end of today.




WEEK 04 _Sep 17_______________________________________________





Cheyenne Carrel

Dylan Leedy


Type Anatomy

Did you check Type Anatomy Poster?


Project 0 > Review uploaded works

Exercise >  Review uploaded works


Tips for white shapes over black shapes!


Practice file [Here]



Introducing Project 1, Morticed Character [Here]


Due today:

  • Project 0 - Modular Type
  • Exercise 1 - Your initials+Image
  • Project 1 - What letter you will deconstruct?! (Letter?/lower or upper? category? name?...)

         Fit your character into your grid.




WEEK 05 _Sep 24_______________________________________________






Linda Rygh

Vivian Tran



Project 1- Morticed character (Sketches and final ) - Review


Size / Measurement ( Picas, Points,...)

Introducing Project 2, Words (Illustrated / Substitution)  [Here]

Pick your words

Create your list before sketching





WEEK 06 _Oct 01_______________________________________________



Vicky Dinh

Lindsey Ohling


Review Project 2 and upload your final result.

Leave your prints on my desk.


Legibility and Readability


Exercise 2 [Here]

Upload your first draft by the end of today:

as pdf file including all 9 artboards even some might be empty.


Finish Art Week exercise by next week and upload it as pdf.



WEEK 07 _Oct 08_______________________________________________



ArtWeek Review

Nex tweek: Midterm Quiz


Reading [Here]


Introducing Project 3 [Here]

Upload what typeface you will have in your pair.




WEEK 08 _Oct 15_______________________________________________



Feikim Lee

Jasmine Guzman


Introducing Project 4 - Type Specimen

Download the brief and the list from Titanium


Midterm Quiz


By the end of class:

Upload 2 sketch (Hand-drawn or Digital) for your type specimen

Upload your History/Research




WEEK 09 _Oct 22_______________________________________________



Andrew Hoang

Julia Hubbard


Due Today:

Project 4 / Type Specimen


GRID Part 1

Grid in InDesign


Exercise 3 [Here]

12 columns grid magazine examples [Here]


Upload your 4 layouts by the end of class time. (Oct 22nd.)

You will upload another 8 layouts before our next class. (Oct 29th.)


Make sure: your files Include an extra page after each layout to

show how you used the grid with 50 percent gray rectangles.



A good online resource for grid: The Grid System > [Here]


A great Open Source Textbook by OpenTextBC:  Graphic Design Principles > [Here]

Check out > Chapter 3. Design Elements, Design Principles, and Compositional Organization > 3.4 Organizational Principles



WEEK 10 _Oct 29_______________________________________________



Mikayah Arbizo

Nasrean Nael


Due Today:

Exercise 3: 8 Layouts


GRID Part 2


Amazing Fullerton Working Files [Here]




WEEK 11 _Nov 05_______________________________________________



Chaise Ann

Emily Brasch



Introducing Project 4 [Here]


Acceptable sketches:

- Clear use of grids (Columns* and Guides)

- Correct size and measurement

- Display accurate margins (all 4 sides)

- Clear identification of type choices (Title and other display)

- Accurate position of header and footer

- Clear position of page numbers


* Due to the small size of the booklet, 6 columns can be use for each page.



WEEK 12 _Nov 12_______________________________________________



Veterans Day - Campus Closed



WEEK 13 _Nov 19_______________________________________________



Jennifer Zhu

Yooran Oh



Booklet sketches due

(Only sketches that meet the requirements will be accepted)

2 sketches will be selected for digital version.


Your feedback [Here]

Please upload scans or photos of your sketch (in acceptable quality / with no shadows or background / in correct orientation) to Titanium.

Make sure all sketches are numbered as you had on the wall.




WEEK 14 _Nov 26_______________________________________________


2 Digital draft due


Upload your 2 digital drafts as 1 .zip file following the order:


1. Make a package for each file separately.

2. Make one zip file by combining 2 package folders.

3. Upload the zip file to Titanium.



Creating TOC using Paragraph Style

TOC Practice 1 - Working file [Here]

TOC Practice 2 - Working file [Here]









WEEK 15 _Dec 03_______________________________________________






Booklet draft print due

Cover / Back cover

Booklet final touch


Download 2 additional pages | Project 4 [Here]


Guide for French fold [Here]


WEEK 16 _Dec 10_______________________________________________



Joseph Arias

Joshua Thatcher


Booklet final Print Due

Booklet binding

Binder Project

Review for Final



WEEK 17 _Dec 17_______________________________________________


Final Exam

Monday 2:30pm


Pick up the projects