(Dates and projects are subject to change)



WEEK 01 _Feb 04_______________________________________________








Office hours


File naming







-- Around Photoshop

-- Around Illustrator

-- Documents/Imports and Outputs


Let's make some lines. (or paths?)


All shapes has 2 parts!



In-Class practice Download files > Here

Home practice Download files > Here


Read: Creating public ePortfolio on Canvas


Project 1: Fortune Cookie ( Make it personal)


Upload 2 files to Canvas before next class.

1. Shape assignment: from agenda page

2. Houes:

Take a good/straight/frontal photo of your building (home, house, dorm, ...).

Draw your house in Illustrator.

Keep your lines straight. No curves.

Use only flat/solid colors. No gradients or textures.


In Illustrator save your .ai file for archive. Export the file as .jpg .

In Photoshop place your drawing AND your real photo in a letter size document/portrait/print quality/1" margin.




WEEK 02 _Feb 11_______________________________________________





Your library membership? Book? Tools?

Now activate your Lynda membership.


Your book is here?!


Class notes [pdf]

Project 1: Fortune Cookie [Brief]


Think about idea and bring to the class on Wednesday.

Upload your thought(!) as text/words to Canvas before class time.


Pathfinder [Download]






Read: Guide to Graphic Design Ch.1 and Ch.2 before next class.


LYNDA > Photoshop CC 2018 One-on-One: Fundamentals > Chapter 3 and 4


Using Photoshop prepare your images and upload 4 images in required format to Canvas:


1. A celebrity portrait 5" by 5" print quality, jpg format

2. A natural landscape 4" by 8", medium quality, png format

3. A high-rise building in black and white 1200px by 400px, Internet quality, tiff format

4. An instrument in square proportion in size 2MB, jpg format


Due: By the end of class.




WEEK 03 _Feb 18_______________________________________________




Project 1 visual expansion

Your junk box, Collecting assets

Concept > Visual.


Share your Pinterest board [Here]

Share your Pinterest board [Here]






Graphic Design concepts


Reading an artwork/image

Writing an artwork/image


Expanding your visual search

Reviewing your ideas.


Ask > Search > Think > Make



WEEK 04 _Feb 25_______________________________________________





3 sketches on Project 1

Reviewing sketches/thumbnails



Ask > Search > Think > Make

Collage / Montage in Photoshop


Demo on Photomontage  (DADA - SURREALISM)

Download the guide [here]

Download the assets and template [here]




Surreal Practice






























Upload the result to your canvas.





Scanning / Adjusting and color correction


Masking in Photoshop/ Blending images


Review files for print




WEEK 05 _Mar 04_______________________________________________





Due Today: Project 1 Due - 3 deliverables - Wall Critique

Save your final files according to the brief.

Upload your files to the Canvas; 3 PDF, 3 JPG.







Form and Meaning


Pixel to Vector

Tracing Images


Introducing Project 2 [Here]



Digital Self Portrait [Here]

1- Make a self portrait - 2500px x 2500px  (Square) maximum 5 colors

2- Create a vertical document 5000px x 2500px


Watch Image Tracing technique on Lynda (For Example: Illustrator: Tracing Artwork)


USEFUL TOOL: Adobe Color [Here]



WEEK 06 _Mar 11_______________________________________________




Upload your digital portrait file to Canvas before class.


Project 2: Your Object

Bring your object to class.



Phase 1 Twelve (12) 3x3” photos of your object due 03.13

The photos will be well lighted with no harsh shadow, cropped, cleaned and resized to requirement.

Photos will be uploaded to your folder on Google Driver before next class. Create a folder and sub-folder following below format:

02_Project 2 > PartA_Photos


Make sure your object photos include: The whole object, familiar and unfamiliar angles, detail, meaningful background, in use or function (if applicable),...



Online links to take a better shot:

On Lynda > Mobile Photography Weekly with Seán Duggan > Simple product photography with your phone

On YouTube > How To Build A Photo Light Box [Here]

On YouTube > DIY Product Photos - Easy, Cheap and Good-looking [Here]

On YouTube > Build A Light Box On The Cheap [Here]






Due before class:

12 photos of the object in your GDrive. (retouched, cropped, cleaned, sized) including silhouette, different angles, with and without background showing whole and details of the object.


Phase 1,2 Twelve (12) 3x3” pencil/pen/marker sketches of your object due 03.18 before class

Document all your sketches in your sketch book. You need to scan best 12 for the project.

Upload your sketches into GDrive following:

02_Project 2 > PartB_Sketches



WEEK 07 _Mar 18_______________________________________________




Phase 1,2

Due before class

12 sketches in pencil/pen/marker







Phase 1,2

Due before class:

12 interpretations of the object in any creative medium by your choice

02_Project 2 > PartC_Mediums




Phase 3

Follow the instruction to create your brief/statement

Save your statement/brief in Microsoft Word/Pages and upload your brief file in GDrive:

02_Project 2 > Brief.docx


Choose 2 options for your typeface.



WEEK 08 _Mar 25_______________________________________________




Phase 3

Review the brief and the choice of the typeface and finalizing the logo/logotype.


Adobe InDesign - Your management tool for type and image.

The basic in InDesign!


Type tool, Typefaces, Fonts, Kerning, Tracking, Leading, Type on path/curve, ...

Export PDF


Download the InDesign Template [Here] [Old Version]

Import  all your 36 images +

Brief +

Type choice +

Final version of logo in 2 size (color) +

Final version of logo in 2 size (BW)

= Total 12 pages


Make sure you have all your assets for project 2 in a correct folder:


02_project 2


                       PartA_Photos   >   12 separated photos (resized in 3" x 3", 300dpi)

                       PartB_Sketches   >    12 separated sketches (resized in 3" x 3", 300dpi)

                       PartC_Mediums    >   12 separated mediums ( resized in 3" x 3", 300dpi)


             Type options (Upload by the end of class Mar 25th.)

             Logotype sketch in InDesign (Upload by the end of class Mar 25th.)






Students created a Draft folder (March27_Draft) to upload the most recent files including:

Brief, Choice of types, latest version of design+logotype


After spring break: Wall crit.

FInal works without any progress report will not have complete grade.



Phase 4

POSTPONED > Due Today: Project 2 Due - Wall Critique - 2 deliverables : a) Digital file (pdf) to Titanium. b) 4 pages in print for wall critique, letter size.




WEEK 09 _Apr 01_______________________________________________










WEEK 10 _Apr 08 _______________________________________________




Project 2 - Wall critique

Due Today: Project 2 Due - Wall Critique - 2 deliverables : a) Digital file (pdf) to Titanium. b) 4 pages in print for wall critique, letter size.







Quiz: Chapter 7 - Typography

Activating online portfolio via Canvas




Portfolio Name: NAME LASTNAME GMD101 SP19


Intro (Your profile picture, your favorite quote or phrase, short bio, contact info, social media,...)

P1 Fortune Cookie (Project title, your pinterest link, short description of your thinking process, 3 final results)

P2 Object (Project title, short description of your thinking process, your challenge, final PDF)


Keep the ePortfolio private.

Share your ePortfolio link [Here] AND via Canvas.

DUE: 11:59 pm Sunday, April 14th.




WEEK 11 _Apr 15_______________________________________________




Chapter 2 - Quiz



Modular typeface

Design your geometric typeface:

Follow the instruction [Here]

Begin with a good size grid. Bigger grids will give you more opportunity and more possibility.

Think about square OR rectangle grid; 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, ...10x10, ... OR 4x6, 5x7, 6x8, ...8x12, ...

Set your goal on lowercase OR uppercase.

Start with H, O, M, A or n,o,b,a,v


Use illustrator to execute your design.

Keep the Grids on. ( View menu > Show Grids)

Keep Snap to Grid on. (View menu > Snap to Grid)

Use ruler/guides when you need them. (both in View menu)

You can rotate, flip, replicate each piece, but changing scale is not allowed.

Showcase your typeface in by typing TYPE DESIGN at the bottom of your design.


You can use this template to start with. [Here]

Upload your design to the Canvas before next class on Thursday.








Due today before 10:35am: Modular Typeface

Check your grade with me


Introducing Project 3, Movie Poster [Here]

Movies list [Here]





WEEK 12 _Apr 22_______________________________________________




Bring to the class:

Share your research on your movie via canvas.


7 Tips to design a good movie poster.

Movie Poster and cliches.

Movie poster and typefaces.


Golden Section [Here]

Adobe Color [Here]


Rule of thirds template for movie poster sketch [Here]





Due today:

Gather image/design close to YOUR idea in a board on Pinterest.

3 sketches (3 different ideas!) using a golden section.

Research on golden ratio and use your favorite one.

We select one of your idea and develop the design to the final step during the weekend.


Download the credit template [Here]



Read Chapter 8 - Grids and Alignments (Only 17 pages)



WEEK 13 _Apr 29_______________________________________________




Due Today:

Draft print in BW

We make a draft print  (1:1 scale) in Black and White in class by breaking down the poster in 6 tiles.


Use photoshop template to divide the poster [Here]





Social media design requirements.

Your movie ad for: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Cheat sheet Social Media Image Sizes [Here]

Practical online reference [Here]


How is the poster?! Quality? Originality? Composition? Visible title? ...




WEEK 14 _May 06_______________________________________________




Group Critique | Project 3 Movie Poster



Download the template for social media content  and import your design accordingly. [Here]

Typeface: ITC Franklin Gothic LT ( or similar condensed sans-serif)








Due: Movie social content - PDF file

Quiz Chapter 8


Submit to the canvas and ePortfolio:

Canvas: 1.Poster in PDF 2. Social Media in PDF

ePortfolio: 1. Poster in JPG 2. Social media in 6 JPG slides



Art of Title [Here]

To consider:

Panic Room, Catch Me If You Can, Walk on the Wild Side, True Detective, Se7en, Dexter, Mad Men, Juno, Requiem for a dream



Introducing After Effects


Working file for After Efter Effects [Here]

Upload your vote! file to the Canvas by the end of class.



Introducing Project 4, Title Sequence  [Here]




WEEK 15 _May 13_______________________________________________




Due today:

Presentation on your TV show


Ken Burns and Ken Burns Effect [Wiki]

Ken Burns working files [Here]



Watch on Lynda: After Effects CC 2019 Essential Training: The Basics by Mark Christiansen

For sure watch Introduction and Foundations chapter. (My recommendation is  all 2 hours.)



Download Storyboard template [Here]

Print as much as you might need for sketches.

For example:

For One minutes (60 Seconds) Title sequence you may have 20 cut. (every cut last for 3 seconds on scree)

Some of the cut may have 1 shot, or 2 or 3  or more.

Every story board frame represent one of these shot.


Type of Shots | tutorial links [Here]


Story Board example [Here]



Upload your presentation to Canvas.

(Don't forget to upload your Social Media to the Canvas before closing time)






Due today:

Your title sequence Story Board

Upload your Story board sketches to Canvas.

Share your pinterest board (for ideas, assets, inspirations,...) [Here]


Collecting assets, visual inspiration on Pinterest



Your Idea for short clip or GIF using Green Screen



After Effect: Keying

Keying working files[Here]





WEEK 16 _May 20_______________________________________________




Due today by the end of class.

Your title sequence digital draft, 60 second time-line in After Effect as your main structure including soundtrack.


Adjusting sound


Color adjustment





Due today - by the end of class.

Your title sequence in final version. export as .mov





WEEK 17 _May 27_______________________________________________










Last Day


Online Portfolio



Personal Branding

Project 5:  Online Portfolio


CREATE an online portfolio that showcases your art and design work.

1.  Portfolio should include a personal signature (a site reflecting your individual style with a personal logo or ID)

2.  A brief written introduction (100 - 200 words)

3.  Examples of all course work

4.  At least one example of your creative process (visual project diary), comprised of project objectives, thumbnails sketches and final design

5.  Contact Information/link

6.  Portfolio can also contain other relevant art & design examples from other classes and/or personal projects


Your portfolio must be well organized, clearly labeled and express your story.


Looking for ideas? Use google and search ''personal signature + graphic design"


0-50 points based on:

  • Quality of personal signature
  • Quality of introduction
  • Depth and quality of portfolio
  • Depth and quality of creative process
  • Contact information
  • Bio




Online Portfolio URL [Here]

 ePortfolio link [Here]


NO LATER THAN Friday 31th. 8 pm


Tips on selecting your assets------------------------


Common surrealist elements/themes:

Slow flying things (insects, birds, balloons, etc.)


Hybrids (ordinary animals or objects spliced together)

Sensory organs (mouths, eyes, ears, fingers, noses, etc.)

Insect parts (wings, heads, legs, etc.)

Human parts (any)

Some whole animals (dogs, crabs, fish, turtles, etc.)

Astrological symbols


Vast landscapes

Golden color

Elements that have symbolic/referential meaning

Things that represent birth and death (skulls, skeletons, babies, etc.)

Things that show time (watches, clocks, calendars, sundials, etc.)

Changes in scale (giant ants, tiny elephants, etc.)

Replacements (birds in a fish tank, dogs driving cars, etc.)

Portals (doors, windows, gates, etc.)

Game pieces (chess, cards, etc.)


Consider using:

Floating objects

Bending the laws of physics

Mystical spaces

Transformed/hybrid creatures/objects

Changes of scale

Making interior into exterior


College of the Canyons